Sculpture creates places.

Public art is increasingly important for defining the individuality of an area and promoting local pride

Public and Private Art should never be considered an after thought, or part of a planning requirement. Instead there needs to be a realization of what the addition of a well planned and appropriate installation can bring to a development, public realm or your own home. Beauty comes in all forms and the most loved pieces of art are those which have been created individually. Art that is personal and which locals and tourists take to their hearts and come back to visit time and time again.

NEW FOR 2021

The installation of The Pajura took place in September 2021. It will the studios third installation in the Romanian capital, Bucharest. This striking and powerful sculpture is fabricated from stainless steel.

The studio installed their sculpture entitled Mr Walker at the Shot Tower development in Chester. A life size bronze and stainless steel piece, Mr Walker is a celebration of an industry spanning over 150 years.


The studio is very excited to announce the development of its own purpose built gallery. This long term project will showcase works by Colin Spofforth for private sale. Situated next to our main studio, the beautiful 700sqft gallery will display sculpture as well as paintings by the artist and others. Featuring large limited edition bronzes, smaller works, as well as ceramic pieces and cold cast bronzes, personally invited guests will be sure to find something that suits their taste and budget.