About Colin Spofforth Studio

A passion for sculpture with the expertise to deliver

Colin Spofforth is a prolific public art sculptor, who has worked for and with numerous clients both in the UK and internationally.

Colin left Art school to teach himself sculpture in his late teens, whilst building up a successful graphic design business.

Colin’s knowledge of running a successful business and the challenges it faces has been instrumental in Colin’s development as one of the UK’s leading sculptors. His keen sense of budget combined with his inherent creativity, has meant clients worldwide have always received more than they had originally envisioned. This has meant many installations of truly well loved pieces of art in public spaces globally.

Colin does not court controversy for the sake of publicity, but rather creates beautiful works of art that enhance and personalise public spaces for the long term enjoyment of all.

Colin has a vast amount of experience in producing public and privately commissioned art built up over a thirty year career. He has a reputation for professionalism and a humility that allows him to understand what will deliver a successful outcome for all stakeholders.

Services & Capabilities

Colin's team consists of highly qualified professionals in engineering, bronze casting, metal fabrication, lighting, integrated water features and project management.


Colin Spofforth Studio has a wide ranging client base from all sectors. He has created sculptures for urban regeneration companies, local councils, developer partnerships, community groups, private developers and private individuals.

Project delivery

Every sculpture is delivered through Colin's project management team.

The team takes responsibility for setting schedules, managing the mould and casting process or overseeing the metal fabrication, co-coordinating engineering analysis, fulfilling H&S requirements, organising installation/electrical contractors/civil works on site, coordinating with on site contractors, clients and other associated people/groups, contributing to unveiling event planning, managing budgets and so on. The team can also contribute to arts strategy, formulate briefs, and source short or long lists of artists and concepts.